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There’s only one eatery in Toronto with a roti powerful enough to set your mouth on fire and burn a hole in your stomach, and that’s Ghandi Roti located on Queen Street West. Don’t let the virtuous name fool you, this is one place that will leave you cursing the day you ordered a medium-spiced roti causing you to weep with each bite.

Eating at Ghandi can either be a pleasurable or painful event. Read on to find out how to make the distinction.


Last year I figured out the secret to enjoying the winter — have fun. This year I’ll be adding tobogganing, snowshoeing and other child-like activities into the mix, but I’ve already found my favourite thing to do on a Friday, head to Dufferin Grove Skating Rink for their Friday Night Suppers.

Read on for the best kept secret in town – a perfect night out for $10, including skating, supper and dessert!

Whenever I think of patties, I think of Jamaican patties, like the ones found between coco bread. But thanks to my favourite Haitian, Henri, I have now experienced Haitian Patties. Imported all the way in a box from Laval near Montreal (Henri’s yet to find them in Toronto), these little gems were brought as an appetizer to a holiday pot-luck dinner party.

How did these patties compare to the Jamaican kind? Plus, read on for a glimpse of what’s inside these little bitties.

Last week, Plato Putas were reunited in Toronto and there was only one way to celebrate. Food, of course! We met up with three other friends and headed over to the brand-spanking new Guu Izakaya, the first-ever Toronto location. Guu is a Japanese pub chain that’s popular in Vancouver thanks to a menu filled with tapas-style dishes meant to be shared with your dining companions.

Since there were five of us and we waited over an hour for a table, our stomachs demanded we order the hell out of the menu, which is exactly what we did. Here’s a step-by-step (in no particular order) of each dish we ravenously consumed. Up first, Cheesy Bibimbop.

What the WHAT! That’s right, you heard us correctly, a bibimbop with cheese! Now read on to find out how it tasted.


$2 desserts! Let me repeat that again, $2 desserts!! Sure, it’s tiny, in a shot glass, but there’s something ingenious about this. If you’re stuffed, you still have room for a sweet ending to your meal. If you were smart and left room for dessert, you can have two or three.

Wanna know where to get these little delights? Read on cause there’s also eight different kinds.


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