Welcome to our website that celebrates food and the joys of eating.

It’s brought to you by two great friends, Celine and Jaspal, and our quest to eat our way around the world.

We’ve hit Spain (Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Seville), Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Hvar, Vis, Dubrovnik), Argentina (Buenos Aires, Iguazu) and various cities across North America, including our homes — Toronto and New York.

When we’re not eating or thinking about our next meal, we’re happily toiling away at our day jobs. Collectively we’ve worked for New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart, MuchMusic, Dose Magazine, CBC Radio, TBWA, Leo Burnett, Shift Magazine, Hello!, The Globe & Mail, and The Toronto Star.

We strive for a conversational tone and tongue-in-cheek humour, covering everything from street food and local events to delicious products and new restaurants — basically anything and everything that has to do with food.

The adventure begins…grab a fork and dig in.


© All images and content copyrighted. Copying, redistribution or reproduction in any form is not permitted unless by express permission by Jaspal R. or Celine W.

Contact Info: platoputas@gmail.com




Congrats Beans and Jas!! Love your way of describing the different foods. As a food lover, your blog entries make me want to try all the foods you have described and as someone who loves to travel, it makes me want to visit that specific country just to try to the food!!!!

Great pictures of the food!!!

So sweet ladies! Looks so good and pro-fessional! Snazzy pants.

Mmm…makes me hungry. I especially like the orange header!

What a great blog! I now know where to go for inspiration for my next meal or snack!

Nice one ladies,

Celine where do i go for the best oysters in the Tdot? Huh? I’d like to see what you guys come up with there 🙂

I’m going to get a snack now.


    You know what!! We’ve got best oysters in Toronto covered, I found the spot last year. Watch out for a review in an upcoming post! – Celine

Sorry I haven’t written a comment until now. This is very impressive. My only wish is that I could join you for every tasting! Great pictures and writing. Well done and keep up the good work.

Hey Celine!

Long time! I love this site! But you know you gotta do something on Colombian food in toronto and maybe a trip to Panama is in order since you were close to there in Costa Rica lol! Holla if you need any suggestions!


Love your blog!

Miss you lot Jas!


Greetings Ms. Wong,

Thank you for letting me into your world of food. Living in Asia there is always a lack of diversity in affordable and authentic world cuisine. I miss food sooooo much. I will be going to San Francisco in 11 days. Can you recommend any must-go-to restaurants?

Kamsa Hamnida.

Ms. Pinlac

Hello Jaz & Celine
Keep up the “yummy” work!
You need a trip to Texas to “round out” your experience & waistline.

Wow! I’m inspired! Great site, can’t wait for the next posting.

Thanks for stopping by the site and correcting the source.
Come back anytime!

Great site! The reviews and photos are fantastic and make me hungry. That sting ray piece was gold. My five year-old and her classmates recently went to the T.O Zoo to feed the rays, but I’m pretty sure you out-squealed them. Hilarious!!
Keep it coming….

A bit shocking the name of the blog…. at least for an spanish speaking person.

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