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Imagine eating dark chocolate truffles dusted with real, edible pearl dust. Or milk chocolate infused with sweet Indian curry and coconut. How about white chocolate truffles with Krug Champagne topped with edible gold leaf or a salty bacon bar? These are just a few of the unique flavors concocted by the legendary Vosges Haut-Chocolate located in Soho, New York, which is a must destination for every true chocolate lover.

We can’t get enough of Vosges chocolate. Especially when they use ingredients like taleggio cheese and bacon. Read on for more bizarre combinations.


Being named Best Gourmet Burger in town is both a gift and a curse. Just ask Oh Boy Burger Market, who scored top marks in a Toronto-wide comparison by Amy Pataki of The Toronto Star, beating out Craft Burger, The Burger Bar, Gourmet Burger Co., W Burger Bar and BQM Burger Shoppe. On the plus side, business has been booming for Oh Boy. A co-worker went the day after the article came out, and they’d already sold out of burgers by 4 pm. On the downside, customers can’t help biting into their burger loaded with high expectations and a side of skepticism.

So do WE think it’s the best gourmet burger around? Read on for the verdict.

When your breath gets frowzy, most people reach for a piece of gum or mint. And as you can tell, these little white mints look just like any others you’d find. However, pop one in your mouth and you’ll realize there’s one very major difference.

What kind of difference you ask? Here’s a hint: it’s crispy and porky. Read on for a look at the hilarious packaging.


The weather in New York has been ridiculous! Warm sunny days seem endless and believe me, I’m not complaining. One particular gorgeous Sunday afternoon my girlfriends and I grabbed our bikes and headed down to Brooklyn Heights to explore new territory. The temperature was soaring at an unusual 20C, the sun was shining and our stomachs were grumbling for some Brooklyn fare. New York Magazine recommended we hit up Teresa’s for a taste of some authentic Polish grub, and being a critics pick, we headed straight there.

The perfect Polish meal on a perfect New York day. Read on to hear all the details.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and accidentally ordered in a thematic way? This happened when I visited The Citizen (730 Queen St. East) with my dear friend Arcee. It seems everything we picked from the menu involved meat and eggs.

Yes, it’s true, I ate three eggs in the course of one meal. But was it all delicious? Read on for this egg-tastic (sorry!) account.