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Last week, Plato Putas were reunited in Toronto and there was only one way to celebrate. Food, of course! We met up with three other friends and headed over to the brand-spanking new Guu Izakaya, the first-ever Toronto location. Guu is a Japanese pub chain that’s popular in Vancouver thanks to a menu filled with tapas-style dishes meant to be shared with your dining companions.

Since there were five of us and we waited over an hour for a table, our stomachs demanded we order the hell out of the menu, which is exactly what we did. Here’s a step-by-step (in no particular order) of each dish we ravenously consumed. Up first, Cheesy Bibimbop.

What the WHAT! That’s right, you heard us correctly, a bibimbop with cheese! Now read on to find out how it tasted.


Imagine walking into a midtown Japanese food joint and coming across a wall of this! Stacks of freshly made sushi in every flavor possible, soups, seaweed salads, bento boxes, onigiris and more! You’d think you died and went to nori heaven right? Well think again, looks can be deceiving.

Don’t believe me? Read on to find out why.


Look closely. Those strange blue wisps surrounding the perimeter of this dish are indeed flames. May we present to you the Yuzu Maki from, where else, Japanese restaurant Yuzu (236 Adelaide St. West). During the early days of Plato Putas, I proclaimed Yuzu as my favourite sushi spot in Toronto. I firmly stand by this, and their signature maki roll is a big reason why.

Want to know what’s inside this delicious roll? Read on for the lip-smacking scoop.


We previously sung the praises of Sushi 930’s Sashimi Sakura as seen here, but the Sushi #8 combo from this Japanese take-out spot is also definitely worth the trip to 930 King Street West. For $18.95 you get the chef’s daily selection of eight pieces of nigiri and a six-piece maki roll. On this day it was a spicy tuna roll speckled with scallions and delectably fresh slices of salmon, unagi (eel), tuna, yellowtail, scallop and a few others that were equally delicious. Call ahead to place your pick-up order and enjoy some of the highest quality of sushi found in the city to-go.

Sushi 930 / 930 King St. West, Toronto
416 603 9992 / Mon 5-9, Tues-Fri 12-10, Sat 4-10, Closed Sun


Thanks to Sushi 930 (930 King St. West, east of Stratchan), sushi-to-go has never looked so good or tasted so fresh. I recently discovered this tiny restaurant that’s all about Japanese take-out. The price point is slightly higher than average but thanks to owner Tomo, the quality and selection of fish are exquisite.

I ordered the Sashimi Sakura ($19.95) which features seven types of fish based on the chef’s picks of the day. Mine contained Hiramasa (King Yellowtail), Amaebi (Shrimp), Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Salmon, Aji Tataki and Sea Bream marinated with Kelp.

Find out what else Sushi 930 serves, and uncover my quick, cheap and dirty take-out sushi secret.