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The Double P’s visited Roberta’s Pizza back in July and left feeling disappointed. After hearing the hype about the new Bushwick pizzeria joint from both notable media sources and reliable friends, we sadly experienced mediocre food and a table directly facing the…uh, how do I say this politely…male facilities, which incited our gag reflex every time the door opened. The only positive was the upbeat, friendly service. But I was determined not to let this sway my judgment. How could a city full of raving reviews be so wrong? Last Sunday I went back for a second go and was thrilled I did. I ate the most delicious dinner and practically cried in joy when the meal was over.

Read on to find out how Roberta’s Pizza won my heart.



Thanks to Sushi 930 (930 King St. West, east of Stratchan), sushi-to-go has never looked so good or tasted so fresh. I recently discovered this tiny restaurant that’s all about Japanese take-out. The price point is slightly higher than average but thanks to owner Tomo, the quality and selection of fish are exquisite.

I ordered the Sashimi Sakura ($19.95) which features seven types of fish based on the chef’s picks of the day. Mine contained Hiramasa (King Yellowtail), Amaebi (Shrimp), Tuna, Albacore Tuna, Salmon, Aji Tataki and Sea Bream marinated with Kelp.

Find out what else Sushi 930 serves, and uncover my quick, cheap and dirty take-out sushi secret.


As a resident of Toronto, there are some food items that are — say it with me now — Le-gen-dary. The Italian sandwiches from Uno Mustachio at St. Lawrence Market South (95 Front St. E) are a local classic. They’re massive, saucy, sloppy and topped just the way you like it. The most popular choices are Veal or Eggplant ($5.75), or you can splurge for both ($6.65).

Find out exactly what’s in the sandwich and how it could be made even tastier.


Oh Momofuku Ssäm Bar, where did it all go wrong.
Being a restaurant I’ve waited to come to for so long

Perusing the menu, my mouth began to water.
But being on budget, my order became much smaller.

Eight cherry tomatoes for a shameful fifteen bucks.
Come on, what do you think. I’m some kind of schmuck?

Why should I dish out my own dough for some bread.
Could have stayed home and baked it instead.

Read on to see how the dining tale ends.


A good hot sauce won’t burn a hole in your stomach, but it’ll certainly set your mouth on fire. If you’re a fan of food with a kick, you absolutely must stop by Taste the 4th Sense (375 Danforth Ave. at Chester) and their massive wall of hot sauces. I discovered this store during Taste of the Danforth and quickly went back for another visit. Most of their sales are hand-pressed grapeseed oils, vinegars and zests, but the hot sauces are the attention grabbers. They range from mild and flavourful to blow-your-head-off hot. Get ready to curl up in the fetal position and beg for a bowl of ice cream. Check out this video of manager Jeff Wahl breaking down the three hottest sauces the store has the balls to carry.

#3: Satan’s Blood, $25
How Hot: 800,000 scoville heat units
Chile extract with a touch of red wine vinegar encased in a blood vial with a texture similar to blood. It’s best as a food additive; add a few drops into a pot of chili for a really good kick.

#2: Black Mamba, $22
How Hot: Up to 1.5-million Scoville heat units
A full-bodied sauce that initially doesn’t taste that hot, but the long-term burn is a scorcher.

Read on for the #1 hottest sauce of them all and find out what the heck this Scoville unit is all about.