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Egg (135 N 5th St), a southern-style restaurant, serves up possibly the most egg-ceptional brunch in the Brooklyn borough. I heard this place was legendary, so when a good friend, Naomi, and I set out Sunday for a retail-therapy mission we knew it would be the perfect place to fuel our bodies. There was some serious credit-card damage to be done and we needed the energy to last the day. How did we gear up for the pending shopping hours ahead? Simple, by ordering the Eggs Rothko ($8.50).

Seriously, Eggs Rothko is like a chicken laid heaven on a plate. Continue to find out why.



Gathering a group of friends around a big communal table is a wonderful thing. Especially when there isn’t a massive bill at the end of the meal to divide up and pay. While the Double P’s clearly love eating out, there’s nothing better than eating in, especially when it involves good friends, good eats and plenty of laughter.

Find out what was served at this pot-luck dinner, and read on for great tips – including a fun photo project – so you can throw your own.

bento - 032 - Wild things (left)

As children we were always hearing a parental figure disapprovingly say “Stop playing with your food!” Whatever happened to blowing milk bubbles or flying mashed potato bombs? Having fun with your food is just as important as consuming it. That’s why Plato Putas fell in love with Anna and her incredible playful Japanese bento (lunch) boxes, also know as Kyaraben.

Sausage flowers, Mario mushrooms and Kirby sausages. Read on to learn how Anna is inspired to turn everyday food into edible works of art.


You heard it here first: The Shops at Don Mills is a great place to meet successful chefs. Earlier this year, I checked out the new outdoor mall and stumbled upon celebrity chef Mark McEwan promoting his upscale grocery store. Then last week I was back at Lawrence and Don Mills — thanks to the launch of Joey Don Mills — and got a personal tour of the new 9,000-sq-ft restaurant by the Executive Chef himself, Chris Mills.

Chris battled the legendary Morimoto on Iron Chef Japan and lived to tell about it. Read on to hear his first-hand tale and see the delicious fare he created for Joey’s menu.


The majority of times I’ve tried to eat Asian food in NYC I’ve experienced the loopy aftermath of MSG. The stuff makes me crazy and unable to control myself. One minute I’m laughing my head off and the next I’m in a coma unable to make it home and forced to take refuge on a filthy stoop. So when my friend Tessa introduced me to the fresh eating at An Choi (85 Orchard Street), I was beyond exhilarated.

True or false. Is it possible to eat Vietnamese and not suffer from an overdose of MSG? Read on to find out.