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We previously sung the praises of Sushi 930’s Sashimi Sakura as seen here, but the Sushi #8 combo from this Japanese take-out spot is also definitely worth the trip to 930 King Street West. For $18.95 you get the chef’s daily selection of eight pieces of nigiri and a six-piece maki roll. On this day it was a spicy tuna roll speckled with scallions and delectably fresh slices of salmon, unagi (eel), tuna, yellowtail, scallop and a few others that were equally delicious. Call ahead to place your pick-up order and enjoy some of the highest quality of sushi found in the city to-go.

Sushi 930 / 930 King St. West, Toronto
416 603 9992 / Mon 5-9, Tues-Fri 12-10, Sat 4-10, Closed Sun


The Double P’s are constantly coming across juicy bits of food information, tips on new restaurants, fresh off-the-press books, well you get the point. If it’s food related, we love it and we would love to share these interesting tidbits with you. So we’re offering up a smattering of culinary news that’s fit to chew. Here’s our first edition, enjoy!


This is Why You’re Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks
Is it a cookbook? Is it a photobook? Is it supposed to make my stomach turn? Possibly one of the BEST blogs around, This Is Why You’re Fat has now gathered the best from their site into an informative book that documents the gross-food movement. For a mere $9.99, you can learn how to make a White Castle Casserole, a McNuggetini or a Hot Beef Sundae. That’s right, you heard me correctly and yes I’m feeling a bit nauseous too.

One down, four to go. Click here cause the list just gets better!


For some strange reason, my first encounter eating a Little Debbies Nutty Bar put a twang in my voice and a tap in my toe. There was no other way for me to describe my experience than to put my words into a good ol’ fashioned All-American country ballad. Git out the guitars and strap on some spurs, this one goes out to a little redhead named Debbie:

You fill my mouth with a nutty taste,
So sweet and crunchy I must embrace

Little Debbies. Oh Oh Oh, Little Debbies

Since the great depression you’ve been around,
Up and down these American towns

Little Debbies. Oh Oh Oh, Little Debbies

Come’on, don’t tell me you’ve had enough! Click here to continue reading some spoon slapping lyrics.


The Breakfast Club isn’t just the name of an ’80s movie, it’s also the name of best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever tried. It’s from Canadian burger institution Harvey’s and believe me, it was go-od! Yes, I said was. You watched them fry an egg over-easy on the griddle, top it with bright-orange processed cheese, add a couple slices of tomato, a piece or two of crispy bacon and pack it all together between a toasted bun. Oh man, it was my morning meal of choice, and it clocked in at an affordable $2.50. Then suddenly, everything changed.

What the hell happened to my beloved Breakfast Club? Read on and prepare yourself for heartbreak.

It’s our first-ever fully edited video here on the site and we’re ecstatic to bring you this terrific tour of Toronto’s Pantry hosted by owner Greg Bolton. Pantry (974 College St.) is an absolutely lovely family-run café, take-out counter, caterer and gourmet store. They use only farm-fresh, local, sustainably raised produce and meats, and from what we tried, you can really taste the difference. Most people come for the prepared foods, but we sat down at their communal harvest table to check out the new weekend lunch menu.

What’s the one dish everyone should have when they visit Pantry? Read on to see how we licked that bowl clean.