Whenever I think of patties, I think of Jamaican patties, like the ones found between coco bread. But thanks to my favourite Haitian, Henri, I have now experienced Haitian Patties. Imported all the way in a box from Laval near Montreal (Henri’s yet to find them in Toronto), these little gems were brought as an appetizer to a holiday pot-luck dinner party.

Despite our teasing, (calling them “ja-haitian patties”), Henri’s offering lived up to all the hype. And believe me, there was a lot of it. Henri preemptively sent out several boasts and brags over email, let out a few “woot-woots” while walking in the door carrying the box, and made one final declaration prior to my first bite: “Imagine the best day of your life, in every bite.”

And you know what, everyone who tried one agreed these were fantastic. Instead of being chicken, beef or some other unrecognizable meat, these were saltfish patties, with tasty little bits of onions and peppers inside. The patty itself was doughier but still flaky, a totally different texture than your typical Jamaican kind. Here’s hoping Henri starts up an import business shuttling these in from Laval, or at least finds a Toronto spot that serves them up. In terms of patties, this is as good as it gets. Merci Henri!