Working for a magazine has its few perks and in my case a free 10-lb, freshly caught wild salmon that was used in a photo shoot. My good friend Natalie and I decided to cook this beast and serve the sea monster to a hungry crowd. After scouring the internet and cookbooks for that perfect recipe, we came across a simple one which instructed us to stuff the fish with roasted fennel and plum tomatoes, seasoned with a handful of fresh herbs, olive oil and white wine. We did just that and whipped up a few accompanying sides. I could describe in detail the magnificent meal we all devoured, but in this rare, special case, I think photos speak louder than words. Follow Salavadore-Gilbert (our communal name for the fishy friend) from the kitchen sink to a picture-perfect plate.

Thanks to all the incredible people who came bearing edible gifts. And a special shout out goes to Balint for his amazing creamed spinach and numerous trips to the grocery store.