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There’s only one eatery in Toronto with a roti powerful enough to set your mouth on fire and burn a hole in your stomach, and that’s Ghandi Roti located on Queen Street West. Don’t let the virtuous name fool you, this is one place that will leave you cursing the day you ordered a medium-spiced roti causing you to weep with each bite.

Eating at Ghandi can either be a pleasurable or painful event. Read on to find out how to make the distinction.


Being named Best Gourmet Burger in town is both a gift and a curse. Just ask Oh Boy Burger Market, who scored top marks in a Toronto-wide comparison by Amy Pataki of The Toronto Star, beating out Craft Burger, The Burger Bar, Gourmet Burger Co., W Burger Bar and BQM Burger Shoppe. On the plus side, business has been booming for Oh Boy. A co-worker went the day after the article came out, and they’d already sold out of burgers by 4 pm. On the downside, customers can’t help biting into their burger loaded with high expectations and a side of skepticism.

So do WE think it’s the best gourmet burger around? Read on for the verdict.


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