Here at Plato Putas, we admit we haven’t seen or eaten it all. It was just last year in Brooklyn when we saw a beef patty sandwiched between a bun for the first time, and it made us laugh. Little did we know a Patty in Coco Bread is a common snack in both our hometowns of Toronto and New York.

Not one to miss out on anything, I’ve devoured several since then. A few from the patty shop at the Bathurst subway station, and the best one was from a tiny convenience store called St. Denis Tuck Shop (12 St. Denis Dr. near Don Mills & Eglinton).


Coco bread is a type of bread eaten in Jamaica that contrary to its name, doesn’t contain any coconut. It’s thought to have gotten its name because you split the bun open like a coconut. The bread is pure-white goodness that’s starchy and slightly sweet. This one from St. Denis was fresh, pudgy soft and most importantly didn’t overtake the flavours from the patty. The spicy beef patty had a flaky shell and the filling was rich and meaty, with just the right amount of kick that swirled in your mouth for a several moments after each bite. With non-spicy, chicken and veggie options, we realize we’ve been missing out and it’s our job to make sure you don’t too.