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When we traveled to Buenos Aires, we encountered many unexpected things; a 35-minute cab ride that cost only $6, freshly grilled steak and wine from a shopping mall food court, a terrifying and equally humiliating pigeon attack, and unforgettable cocktails and food at a hip Scandinavian restaurant.

Located at Gorriti 5870 in Palermo, Olsen features soaring 12-metre ceilings, a sculptural fountain and an interior decorated in blond woods with clean lines. Our dear friends from Peppermelon suggested starting the meal with two shared appetizers of bite-sized Swedish-inspired sushi, and dense bagels and mini pancakes served with smoked salmon, herring and caviar (shown above).

We blame the unattractively dangling camera strap in that photo on the 60+ vodka cocktails on Olsen’s menu. Our favourite was the Pink Flamingo — a mix of Absolut Ruby Red, Cointreau, slices of cucumber and pink grapefruit — as seen at the very top of the this photo:


The mains included a goat-cheese salad with balsalmic reduction and melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi slathered in cream sauce, asparagus and smoked salmon. We can’t remember if we had dessert, but we do remember that our taste buds could not appreciate the highly popular drink of Fernet and Cola that we were forced to try. We thought it was kinda like licking a foot with a chaser of soap. Unexpected, indeed.

Olsen / 5870 Gorriti, Buenos Aires
11 4776 7677‎ / Tues-Thurs noon-1am, Fri-Sat 12:30pm-2:30am, Sun 10am-1am