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Yesterday I was an audience member at The Martha Stewart Show for their special blog-themed episode. The studio was packed with bloggers tapping away at their keyboards and I was busy tweeting on my ‘berry. There were a few special guests like Alexia and Jennifer from Whatever Martha and the show was filled with the usual: cooking, baking and crafting. But there was one thing Martha was wearing which I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Those shoes. Those 6″ stiletto shoes! Lucky for us, Martha showed off her flexibility skills, whipped her leg onto the counter and dished out the brand she found on sale. Being in the front row, I was lucky enough to get the entire thing on tape!

Oh, and believe me it’s good. Martha like you’ve never seen before! Click here to watch the video


Today, this lucky Plato Puta is attending the Martha Stewart show as a member of the live studio audience! Theme of the show? Well, it’s all about blogging. I’ll be tweeting live from the show and following up with a full report. What did Martha wear? Who were the celebrity guests? All will be revealed!

Click here to see a play-by-play of what’s going down.

2009 was a year to remember. We officially launched Plato Putas in March and have been eating our way from city-to-city over the past 10 months. We’ve feasted on the finest, the obscure and the downright obscene. Our conversations about food couldn’t have happened without the talented chefs who make digging in so pleasurable that we’re inspired to document our eating experiences. So please join us, and some of our fellow food lovers, as we salute our favourite restaurants of 2009.

Suresh Doss, Publisher of
I’ve eaten at Nota Bene on Queen Street in Toronto many times and have never had a bad experience. The service is meticulous yet not overbearing. The food is just delicious. I finally had the chance to have David Lee’s private 60-day dry-aged Ribsteak earlier this fall. Buttery and tender. Finish off with a divinely good sticky toffee pudding. The best part? You don’t need a second mortgage to have a phenomenal meal.

Meghan Coyne, Recipe Writer for The Martha Stewart Show
Its soooo cliché, but my parents took me to The Waverly Inn in New York City for my birthday this past year and I had the absolute best time! I actually had a broken leg (and ankle!) for my birthday this year, but the staff was more than accommodating and we had a delightful table in the garden out back (it was May). Of course, the food was divine as well. I actually couldn’t decide between so many items on the menu. I would go back in a heartbeat…. If only I could get another reservation.

We’ve got Nota Bene’s David Lee, chef Roger Mooking, Babycakes’ Erin McKenna, both the Double P’s and many more recalling their favourite meals of 2009. Read on to see if one of your favourites is on the list.

Plato Putas is all about spreading the holiday cheer, especially when it’s related to food. We’re asking some of the most beloved chefs and food lovers about the best gifts to give…and get.

Best Gourmet Food Item to Give
I usually love to give homemade gifts (I do work for Martha Stewart, after all). Last year I made delicious homemade granola and packaged it with a pair of cozy PJ pants. This year I made lovely Gingerbread Caramels. When pressed for time, I like to give cocktail garnishes from Sable & Rosenfeld. I love the Tipsy Olives and Tipsy Cherries to garnish my cocktails and I think these are something that no one thinks to buy for themselves.

Not sure what to get the person who has everything? Meghan’s on the case. Read on for her terrific suggestions, plus a hint for her Secret Santa.


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