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Imagine eating dark chocolate truffles dusted with real, edible pearl dust. Or milk chocolate infused with sweet Indian curry and coconut. How about white chocolate truffles with Krug Champagne topped with edible gold leaf or a salty bacon bar? These are just a few of the unique flavors concocted by the legendary Vosges Haut-Chocolate located in Soho, New York, which is a must destination for every true chocolate lover.

We can’t get enough of Vosges chocolate. Especially when they use ingredients like taleggio cheese and bacon. Read on for more bizarre combinations.



A delicious Argentinian treat and a definite must. A submarino is a glass mug filled with piping hot milk and served with a chocolate bar on the side. The fun lies in the making. Simply unwrap the chocolate delight and sink the submarine. Stir until the chocolate has melted and presto, instant hot chocolate!