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Yesterday I was an audience member at The Martha Stewart Show for their special blog-themed episode. The studio was packed with bloggers tapping away at their keyboards and I was busy tweeting on my ‘berry. There were a few special guests like Alexia and Jennifer from Whatever Martha and the show was filled with the usual: cooking, baking and crafting. But there was one thing Martha was wearing which I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Those shoes. Those 6″ stiletto shoes! Lucky for us, Martha showed off her flexibility skills, whipped her leg onto the counter and dished out the brand she found on sale. Being in the front row, I was lucky enough to get the entire thing on tape!

Oh, and believe me it’s good. Martha like you’ve never seen before! Click here to watch the video


Today, this lucky Plato Puta is attending the Martha Stewart show as a member of the live studio audience! Theme of the show? Well, it’s all about blogging. I’ll be tweeting live from the show and following up with a full report. What did Martha wear? Who were the celebrity guests? All will be revealed!

Click here to see a play-by-play of what’s going down.

Working for a magazine has its few perks and in my case a free 10-lb, freshly caught wild salmon that was used in a photo shoot. My good friend Natalie and I decided to cook this beast and serve the sea monster to a hungry crowd. After scouring the internet and cookbooks for that perfect recipe, we came across a simple one which instructed us to stuff the fish with roasted fennel and plum tomatoes, seasoned with a handful of fresh herbs, olive oil and white wine. We did just that and whipped up a few accompanying sides. I could describe in detail the magnificent meal we all devoured, but in this rare, special case, I think photos speak louder than words. Follow Salavadore-Gilbert (our communal name for the fishy friend) from the kitchen sink to a picture-perfect plate.

Did you know fresh fresh smells like cucumbers? Thanks Tessa for that interesting fact. Click here for a play-by-play of what went down.

About five months ago, I wrote a post dissecting my dining experience at La Esquina. To sum it up, I basically concluded my preference was to skip the sit down cafe-style restaurant and instead head over to the taqueria for quick and easy fish and avocado tacos. But you know what? I think I spoke too soon and may have to renege on my previous conclusion after experiencing an unexpected, delightful brunch at the suggestion of a friend.

A surprisingly tasty brunch turned my opinion of La Esquina from dismal to woo-hoo! Read all about it.

fette sau1

Thanks to Heidi Klum on Project Runway, we all know how to say good-bye in German (Auf Wiedersehen). If you ever find yourself craving barbecue in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, it’s important to know another German phrase — Fette Sau (354 Metroplitan Ave.), which translates to “fat pig.”

There’s way more than just fat, juicy pig at this joint. Read on to see my meat-filled tray.


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