Plato Putas is all about spreading the holiday cheer, especially when it’s related to food. We’re asking some of the most beloved chefs and food lovers about the best gifts to give…and get.

Best Cookbook to Give
I own many cookbooks and throughout my adult life, I’ve spent a great deal of time pouring through books and recipes. I can’t say enough good things about Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home.

First impressions, when flipping through the pages, I could count on one hand the number of dishes I didn’t want to make. Usually it’s the opposite. Thomas has done a fantastic job imparting not only great recipes, but real world knowledge that he’s gained. Oh yes, the Fried Chicken recipe, that alone is worth the price.

Best Kitchen Gadgets to Give
A Wüsthof Classic Ikon. The crème de la crème of knives. It has the perfect fit.

Never underestimate a good spice rack. I’ve tried to spend more time getting to know my spices this year, and if there’s one thing I think every cook should have (besides a great knife) is a proper spice rack. Something simple and effective that you can store away from heat, but will give you quick access to what you want.

On My Wish List
I would love to have my own sous vide vacuum cooker. The potential for experimentation with that thing brings out the little school boy in me.

Suresh Doss is the publisher of and an avid foodie. He tells stories relating to food, wine, and anything else he come across in and around the city.