Plato Putas is all about spreading the holiday cheer, especially when it’s related to food. We’re asking some of the most beloved chefs and food lovers about the best gifts to give…and get.

Best Kitchen Gadget to Give
Mortar and Pestle. It’s fun, useful, convenient, versatile, and you get to make noise and bash away at stuff. Who doesn’t like that?

Best Gourmet Food Item to Give
Every year my wife and I spend an afternoon canning some type of Gelée to give out. Last year was Reisling Wine Gelée and was a hit, people were asking for more jars by New Year’s Eve.

Best Cookbook to Give
Oxford Companion to Food by Alan Davidson and Jane Davidson. It is a food reference book and a good companion to the Larousse Gastronomique for referencing food, ingredients, history, etc.

On My Wish List
An all-expense paid, week-long trip to a far away location that is renowned for its food like San Sebastian (Spain), or Australia, or Thailand, or Vietnam, or Chile, or…

Roger Mooking is currently shooting Season 2 of his Food Network Canada show, Everyday Exotic. He’s also a musician and the executive chef at Eatalia, Nyood and Kultura.