President’s Choice General Tao Chicken, that is. If you’re a regular on Plato Putas, then you know one important fact. We love potato chips. From the downright obscure Squirrel flavour by Walkers Crisps, to the more snooty, upscale line of Popchips, we’re potato chip fanatics and not ashamed to admit it.

There’s nothing better than the onset of the weekend and we, like many of you, are looking forward to a cozy night in, nestled on the couch with a remote in one hand and a snack in the other. Might we make a suggestion? Head over to your local Loblaws or No Frills and pick up a bag of PC potato chips. They have loads of unique flavours to pick from: Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese, Szechuan Beef and Smokin Stampede BBQ Ribs. I was fortunate to recently try a bag of General Tao Chicken, a BBQ ripple with a burst of sweet flavour, while the two chili rating on the bag provides you with a swift kick to the ass.

President’s Choice is always one step ahead. They’ve recently improved their bags by adding a resealable ziplop strip which means you can save some for later. Oh, did I mention No Frills was selling three bags for $5! So be sure to stock up for the holidays.