There’s one Thai restaurant in Toronto that every student knows about. Sure it’s closest to Ryerson University, but if you’re hitting the books and on a budget, Salad King (335 Yonge St.) is the place for you.

Their menu is massive and items are reasonably priced considering the portions (mains range from $6.50 to $9). Plus, it’s all very tasty and there’s a spicy scale that will make your mouth melt, if you want it to. They start it off with mild and medium, and then you go into the chili ratings. I usually go for one chili, two if I’m feeling extra brave, which is nothing considering the scale tops of at 20 chilis!

My favourite item on Salad King’s menu is their Pattaya Chicken ($8.50), shown above. It’s a plate filled with breaded chicken breast with thyme, onions, bell peppers and carrots in honey and lime chili sauce, served with a side of steamed rice. I usually take half of it to-go, making this a great two-meal dish.

If you’re more into noodles, their Bangkok Stir Fry with Chicken clocks in at $8.85. Not super cheap for a student’s pocket, but it’ll balance out your previous Cup-o-Noodles meal. It’s a plateful of bean vermicelli, broccoli, bell peppers, green onions, egg, carrots, tofu, peanuts and bean sprouts. Add in a few “chilis” and count this as a tutorial on taste.

Salad King is always teeming with students and grown folk who still appreciate an affordable meal. There’s almost always a line-up for a spot at one of the communal tables. But sitting next to a stranger-student isn’t always a bad idea. Chances are they can teach you a thing or two about cheap, tasty dining.

Salad King / 335 Yonge St., Toronto
416 971 7041 / Mon-Fri 11 am-9:30 pm, Sat 11 am-8 pm