Back in the day, taking to the friendly skies and belonging to the elusive Mile High Club meant one very specific thing. Nowadays, “getting lucky” in the air means receiving a bag of sesame snacks or pretzels. Since some airlines offer absolutely nothing in terms of complimentary food, the snack box provided by Porter Airlines during a recent Toronto to Montreal flight was more than a pleasant surprise.

The box features Porter’s cute raccoon mascot and slides open to reveal a small turkey sandwich (on whole wheat with a tasty spread), a pack of melba toast, and a Babybel cheese round.

Considering the flight was just over an hour and I was prepared for nothing, I was overjoyed to have this snack. The sandwich offered sustenance, I love cheese and the feeling of being fed, even a little bit, left me singing Porter’s praises. Plus, I was offered complimentary wine, beer or a soft drink served in an actual glass. This isn’t even taking into account the wonderful lounge with complimentary wireless internet access, bottled water, cookies, almonds and latte’s in their Toronto City Centre Airport.

Unfortunately, I’d be remiss not to note that on the way back, the flight attendant was crusty and didn’t hand out a snack box (my heart sunk), though we were given a choice of snacks, which included a bag of Terra Chips or biscuits. But I guess it’s better to get lucky once, than never at all.

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