The weather in New York has been ridiculous! Warm sunny days seem endless and believe me, I’m not complaining. One particular gorgeous Sunday afternoon my girlfriends and I grabbed our bikes and headed down to Brooklyn Heights to explore new territory. The temperature was soaring at an unusual 20C, the sun was shining and our stomachs were grumbling for some Brooklyn fare. New York Magazine recommended we hit up Teresa’s for a taste of some authentic Polish grub, and being a critics pick, we headed straight there.


I started off with the daily special, a hearty cup of Cream of Leek soup ($2.25) swimming with crispy croutons. Each day Teresa’s features a different soup special such as Cabbage, Tomato or White and Ukrainian Borscht.


There’s no way you can eat Polish and not order a plate of pierogies. They offer a few variations at Teresa’s, pick from either Cheese, Potato, Meat or Sauerkraut with Mushrooms. I opted for a full order (7 pcs.) of the Potato flavor, fried of course, with onions for $7.50. Our server offered us a side of sour cream and apple sauce. Apple sauce? I had no idea how well it would complement these flawless fried pockets of potato heaven.

Next up was another traditional Polish plate, two Cheese and Plum Butter Blintzes ($8.95) dusted with a snowy cap of icing sugar. They were cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and crepe-like on the inside. Each was filled with an abundance of soft cheese and plums causing the flavors to dance between savory and sweet. This will definitely be a dish I hit up the next time I’m in the neighborhood.

Have you noticed a common visual theme yet? Take another look at the first photo—all of the food we’d consumed so far was beige in color, from the side of fries, bread, soup, applesauce and even our mains. So to give the table a splash of much-needed color, we ordered a bowl of sweet beets.

After our satisfying budget-friendly meal, we decided to walk off the countless calories consumed by continuing our Sunday stroll along the East River promenade and experienced a breathtaking sunset. Ribbons of scarlet, gold and mauve illuminated the sky and stopped us in our tracks. A perfect New York moment to savor.

Teresa’s / 80 Montague Street
718-797-3996 / Hours: 7am-11pm daily