Have you ever been to a restaurant and accidentally ordered in a thematic way? This happened when I visited The Citizen (730 Queen St. East) with my dear friend Arcee. It seems everything we picked from the menu involved meat and eggs.

Citizen is one of those great Leslieville restaurants — good food, nice ambiance and a place to really enjoy your meal. Their menu is divided up into humourously named sections such as: “Mom, I’m hungry” (starters), “The last supper” (mains) and “Robin & Tonto” (side dishes).

The egg and meat love-in started with three ounces of Ontario Steak Tartar with Garnish ($13). In this case, the garnish was raw egg yolk. We mixed it in with the raw meat and it became a very rich and decadent first course.

I read several reviews calling Citizen’s Classic Caesar Salad ($13) one of the very best in they city so I knew I had to give it a try. It came with double-smoked bacon, crostini, and surprise, surprise, a poached egg. The full romaine leaves were perfectly dressed and I found it hard not to fight off my friend for more than my share of the bacon. Greedy, I know. We also tried the Merguez Sausage with Maple Mustard ($5), but at this point I was feeling a bit of meat overload.

Did I say something about too much meat? Well, rewind that because the minute the Weiner Schnitzel with Fried Egg, Lemon & Capers ($23) was set in front of us, I was ready to launch back in. Thankfully Arcee and I shared all dishes because I’m not sure the picture at the top properly displays just how big this portion was. The plate was basically the size of a tray. We also ordered Mashed Potato ($5) but could barely stuff the fluffy, buttery spoonfuls in our mouth. Our meal basically consisted of raw meat and eggs, lettuce with meat and eggs, more meat, and finally, meat and eggs. And yes, I agree, a cholesterol test may be in order.

Note: It’s just been announced that Citizen owner Rod Bowers sold the restaurant to Celebrity chef Lynn Crawford, interior designer Cherie Stinson (both of Food Network Canada’s Restaurant Makeover fame) and Stinson’s husband, Joey Skeir. They plan to open their new “chef-driven” restaurant in March 2010.

The Citizen / 730 Queen St. East, Toronto
416 465 0100 / Mon-Wed & Sun 5 pm-10 pm; Thu-Sat 5 pm-11 pm