It’s that time again kids. Plato Putas and Hanne Whitfield are proud to bring you another edition of Street Food.

When you hear the term “Street Food” you normally think of hot dogs, ice cream and pretzels. But at Plato Putas we’re taking it back to the basics where street food literally means food found on the street. Hanne, a friend of the Double P’s, has come across some unusual pavement platters in New York City. From time to time, she’ll share her gems with maps to the scene of the crime.

Drunkin’ Dunkin’ Trash To-Go
September 14, 2009, Bike basket and discarded refuge
Materials: Plastic, paper, waxed paper, aluminum and foam
West Broadway between Canal Street and Grand Street
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New York-based Hanne Whitfield has been tripping over run-away vegetables for the past four years. Her Street Food column will be part of an exclusive ongoing series on Plato Putas.