Forget mainstream, mass-produced coffee joints that lure you in with offerings of fancy-schmancy whipped drinks. Any die-hard coffee lover will tell you that’s not real coffee. Why mask pure, roasty goodness with synthetic sugary flavors? It just baffles the mind and the tastebuds.

When a good friend introduced me to Ninth Street Espresso, I was quickly reminded of how a real cup of coffee should taste. Smooth, sultry and edible. Why, helloooooo there coffee. Ok, so we don’t suggest you try to put the moves on your cup of Ninth Street Espresso, but we warn you that it will leave you with a warm, satisfied feeling.

Celebrating the craft of coffee preparation, traditional and simple drinks is the motto here and they offer only seven. My usual go-to beverage of choice is a medium-sized latte and the baristas have perfected the art of the ultimate latte: Densely foamed, beautiful patterned milk beds, which leave that oh -so-embarassing foam ‘stache, nestled above an intensely, rich coffee which has smoky, butterscotch-like tendencies. I’m so addicted and just can’t seem to get enough that I will now actually go out of my way to find one of their three locations to feed my caffeine fit. There are currently two in the East Village and a third in Chelsea Market.

Hey, are you reading Starbucks? The days of being bitch-slapped by Christmas motif adorned coffee cups are over my friends. Rejoice!