Living in New York pretty much demands I write about pizza, and often. I’m constantly exploring new pie joints and the old classics. Joe’s Pizza, located in the West Village, is the New York pizzeria known for serving up the ultimate plain slice in all of Manhattan for the past 50 years. Even actor Ben Affleck says: “There are tons of pizza places all over New York. It definitely has the best pizza in the world. But Joe’s is the best of the best.” Who are we to argue with Ben? So I had to give Joe’s a go and see for myself.


I ordered a plain slice for a budget friendly $2.50. Okay, who am I kidding. I have a BIG appetite and actually ordered two slices but you can’t make me feel guilty about it. The pizza was absolutely delicious! The crust was crispy, thin yet slightly chewy. The sauce was sweet and flavorful and the cheese. Oh, the cheese. It was stringy, bubbly and slightly burnt, just the way I like it.


So I have to agree with Ben and say yes, I too agree Joe’s Pizza is the best of the best. Since it’s open till 4am, it’ll definitely be one of those late-night pit stops that we all need now and then. You know what I’m talking about.

Joe’s Pizza has two locations in New York and two in Los Angeles. Here’s a little fun fact. In 2002, the L.A. Joe’s Pizza was featured in Spider-Man where Peter Parker was the restaurant’s delivery boy. If you happen to watch the film, keep an eye our for Peter’s helmet which bears the real phone number and address of the pizzeria. Call the number and you’ll be directly connected to Joe’s.

Joe’s Pizza / 7 Carmine Street
212-366-1182; 212-255-3946