When it comes to Steak Frites, everyone I know agrees there’s one place that always gets it right: L’Express in Montreal (3927 St.-Denis Rue). We’ve previously sang the praises of this French bistro, but this time we give it the carnivore treatment.

Found on their menu as Onglet ($23.20), the L’Express version of Steak Frites will be ingrained in your memory forever. I had my first bite three years ago, and when I returned to Montreal recently it was on the top of my list of things to eat. The steak arrives with a generous pat of herbed butter that you spread over the top. My knife cut through the meat so easily and my mouth started to water as I saw the juices ooze out. I must admit, I am not a huge steak fan, but this melts so easily in your mouth it’ll make your knees buckle.


And let’s not ignore those frites! These are not your run-of-the-mill potatoes. They’re crispy and fresh with the perfect amount of crunch. Dip them into the garlic aoili and we promise, your life will change forever.

L’Express / 3927 St.-Denis Rue, Montreal
514 845 5333 / Mon-Fri 8 am-3 am, Sat & Sun 10 am-3 am