Anyone who can do simple arithmetic knows the combination of these ingredients add up to something delicious. And when this lesson takes place at Poutini’s House of Poutine (1112 Queen St. W.), it’s definitely worth taking note.

I’ve been wanting to try this delectable poutine-only spot ever since it opened in June on West Queen West. Unfortunately for me, every time I was in the ‘hood it was a Sunday, one of the two days they happen to be closed (the other is Monday). Finally on an unseasonably warm November afternoon, I made my way into the inviting space and ordered a Layered Poutine ($7.97). At first the Traditional Poutine ($6.19) caught my eye, but when I learned the layered version comes with extra cheese placed smack dab in the middle, I was sold.


The fries are hand-cut, fried twice just like they do in Belgium and tossed with salt in a large stainless steel bowl. The gravy is a great consistency but could actually use a tiny bit more salt. (Please note: I am not one of those sodium freaks.) There was a generous amount of curds (perfect for a cheese-lover like me) and the ooey, gooey bonus layer made my heart ooze with love. It was the perfect ratio of cheese to fry because every bite I had could include a couple fries and a curd. This is the way poutine should always be made.

Poutini’s also does it right with their bio-degradable containers and forks, plus they offer a Vegetarian Poutine with gravy made from grilled vegetables. The staff member who took my order admitted he preferred the veggie version over the meat one, so I’ll have to come back to try that one out. They also recently introduced four mayo dipping sauces (spicy, herbed, roasted garlic and dijon) that come free with their Classic Frites ($3.54), or an additional $0.67 with a poutine order.


I also walked by around 1:30 am and clearly this is a favourite late-night joint because the place was rammed. While their poutine will definitely do a great job soaking up any liquids-in-question at that hour, your stomach may not appreciate that serving size overnight. The solution? A Teeny Weeny Tiny Poutini has been added to the menu as of today! Pop in experience this little bucket of cheesy heaven.

Poutini’s House of Poutine / 1112 Queen St. W., Toronto
Tues & Wed noon-11 pm, Thurs-Sat noon-3:30am, Closed Sun & Mon