I’d been reading about the restaurant Supper (156 E 2nd St) for a while now. Everyone who I spoke to had nothing but raving reviews with tips on what to order. So I was psyched when I finally had the chance to go with two friends. Normally we dine in Brooklyn where the food is amazing and affordable, but change is good and sometimes venturing into Manhattan can be a treat.

The meal seemed promising when we started off with the complimentary beans and country bread, but it all went quickly spiraling down into a state of culinary sadness soon after.

Picture this: arrive and wait thirty minutes for a table, finally get a seat under a speaker that’s blasting the techno Sunscream album from the early ’90’s, have to put on your coat to protect yourself from the overly drafty windows and you haven’t even placed your order yet! I think you know where this post is heading and that’s right down Whiny Lane with a direct route to Bitchville. This Plato Puta is behind the wheel and going to give you a play-by-play of every pitiful dish served.


Up first, the Supper Benedict with pancetta, potatoes and mixed greens ($12.95). Now take a close look at the photo. Do those potatoes look bland and a day old? Yep. Are the English muffins dry and slightly burnt? Uh-huh. And finally is that a teaspoon of hollaindaise sauce? You bet! I thought the salad could at least be salvageable but I guess I was hoping for too much.


Next up, the Roasted Fennel and Fontina Omlette with mixed greens and toasted country bread ($11.95). The omelette was in a very sad state. Oversized, bland and yawn-worthy boring. There was absolutely no hint of roasted fennel which is the exciting part listed on the dish. But wait, is that another bitter, under-dressed salad? You guessed it.


And finally the Grilled Polenta with Poached Eggs, proscuitto di parama, shaved parmigiano, fennel and aged Balsamico ($13.95). Now this is the dish that everyone talks about. “OMG, you have to get the polenta” was the buzz on the street. Now I actually did like the polenta, but have you ever seen so much proscuitto before? It was semi-tasty along with the cheese, but the massive mound of fennel was like eating air. Where did the flavor disappear to?

I’m pretty sure I won’t be making a return visit to Supper. I forgot to mention the $4 non-fresh, freshly squeezed orange juice and the $4.25 dismal coffees.

Maybe I’ve been a bit harsh with this post, but when you eat at a restaurant that’s listed as a critic’s pick on most food sites, you expect a bit more than mediocre. My friends and I have a theory: We believe once a restaurant makes it onto one of the “Must Visit While in New York” lists, they actually give up and let things slide. We’d love to be proven wrong. Have you had an incredible experience at Supper? Share your story and convince me to make another trip back.

Supper / 156 E 2nd St
212-477-7600 / Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm – 12am; Sat-Sun 11am-12am