Look closely. Those strange blue wisps surrounding the perimeter of this dish are indeed flames. May we present to you the Yuzu Maki from, where else, Japanese restaurant Yuzu (236 Adelaide St. West). During the early days of Plato Putas, I proclaimed Yuzu as my favourite sushi spot in Toronto. I firmly stand by this, and their signature maki roll is a big reason why.

The Yuzu Maki ($15) features tempura shrimp, avocado and crab stick on the inside, and then it’s topped with raw salmon and scallop. The outer layer is torched and then topped with three different types of roe.


Each piece is quite substantial so eating it in one bite is quite the task. Eating it in two bites can get a bit messy. But let me tell you, the mix of flavours, textures and the fiery presentation are exactly why this maki is next-level sushi.

Yuzu / 236 Adelaide St. W., Toronto
416 205 9808 / Mon-Fri 11:30-10:30, Sat 5-11:30