While our recipients may not agree, when Plato Putas travel our favourite place to pick up gifts is the supermarket. We’ve found many grocery store gems around the world (check out the laughs from this Costa Rican supermercado), so I was ecstatic when my dear friends Pat and Diane brought me a bag full of goodies from their recent trip to Australia.

While the idea of eating kangaroo had me both intrigued and nauseous (it’s a delicate balance), I knew I had to give this Bush Jerky a try, all in the name of research. Now, I have no idea what “Bush Pepper Flavour” is supposed to taste like, but this jerky tasted like any regular meat jerky. I’m tempted to proclaim it tastes just like chicken, but to be honest, it tastes more like beef. Once we got over the mental challenge of eating a furry, hopping friend, the Kangaroo Jerky was no longer a novelty. Oh, and it didn’t really have much “kick.” Sorry.


Next up was Teriyaki-Flavoured Crocodile Jerky. For some reason I was more hesitant to taste this one, which is odd considering I’ve eaten croc before during a childhood trip to Florida. Things didn’t get any easier when our friend Shannon said it tasted how she imagines fish food would. I tore off the tiniest piece and popped it in my mouth. It was indeed very fishy and I quickly downed some water to prevent a potential gag reflex from kicking in. I’m sure this is an acquired taste. Rob Heidenreich, the sous chef at Pantry preferred this jerky over the ‘roo one.


To finish off the Aussie treats, we indulged in the country’s favourite cookie: a Tim Tam. This are made with two layers of chocolate-malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling and coated with chocolate. These are made by Arnott’s and according to wiki, about 35-million packs are sold each year. They can be found in North America so keep your eyes open for a taste of down-under.