We live in a hectic world where there aren’t enough hours to accomplish the day’s tasks. Strategizing, multi-tasking and long work days all lead to that dreaded word: stress. We at Plato Putas think it’s extremely important to put aside some special time just for yourself. Go on, be selfish. Of course our recommendation would somehow involve activating your taste buds in one form or another. We have one word for you: Tea! And not just any tea, how about the finest cuppa around for the past 50 years!


What better way to relax than with a soothing, steamy cup of peppermint flavored Grace Tea. This intoxicating, intense mint loose leaf stimulates the senses and leaves a cool, lingering taste. I prefer to add a gentle swirled teaspoon of agave sweetener and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon. The delicate combination makes this cup hit the spot and will send your worries drifting away.


Since 1959, Grace Tea has been recognized as one of America’s premier loose-leaf tea blenders and they have the prestigious awards to prove it. Winning six at the International Fancy Food shows! The packaging is also phenomenal. Each tea comes in a black, metal canister with an elegant, typographic label which will make you proud to display your tea purchase on your kitchen counter.

Be sure to hit up the Grace Tea website and place an order for one of their many delicious flavors.