For the past few months, this seems to be my Friday lunch ritual. Around 1 pm, I head over to the northwest corner of 46th and 6th Avenue and psych myself up to wait in line for the most delicious Edamame Dumplings ever served from a truck. Who’s the bearer of these heavenly Asian pockets you ask? Well, The Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, of course.


Rickshaw offers a minimal three varieties of dumplings: Pork & Chinese Chive, Chicken & Chive Basil, and my favourite, Vegetarian Edamame. Each flavor comes with its own unique dipping sauce. I love how they keep the menu small which means a quick, constant flow of steamed dumplings with freshness guaranteed in every bite. My only grumbling is they’re a bit on the expensive side at $6 for six dumplings, which depending on how hungry you are, may not be enough fuel for the tank. That said, they do serve a few sides for an additional $3 which include a Chili Sesame Noodle Salad, an Asian Green Salad and Chilled Edamame.


Now, you may be saying to yourself: “I love dumplings, but what about pork, duck, shrimp or even chocolate-flavored dumplings?” Worry not my friends, Rickshaw has a permanent location at 61 West 23rd Street where you can order your choice of extended dumpling flavors served steamed, pan fried or even in a soup!

The one important thing you need to know about the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck is the location isn’t guaranteed since they’re always on-the-go. The best way to track them down is to check out their twitter page to find out exactly where they’ll be. I’ve been sadly disappointed a few times when I’ve hastily left work following my stomach to a lonely, empty corner. There’s nothing worse than the heartbreak of being dumped by a dumpling.