The Double P’s are constantly coming across juicy bits of food information, tips on new restaurants, fresh off-the-press books, well you get the point. If it’s food related, we love it and we would love to share these interesting tidbits with you. So we’re offering up a smattering of culinary news that’s fit to chew. Here’s our first edition, enjoy!


This is Why You’re Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks
Is it a cookbook? Is it a photobook? Is it supposed to make my stomach turn? Possibly one of the BEST blogs around, This Is Why You’re Fat has now gathered the best from their site into an informative book that documents the gross-food movement. For a mere $9.99, you can learn how to make a White Castle Casserole, a McNuggetini or a Hot Beef Sundae. That’s right, you heard me correctly and yes I’m feeling a bit nauseous too.


Mark Menjivar
For the past three years, Mark has been traveling across the U.S. photographing the interiors of home refrigerators. These unconventional “portraits” give a private, intimate look, revealing lifestyles and issues with American food culture. Take a peak, do any of these seem familiar?


Momofuku Cookbook
The long-awaited, and highly anticipated cookbook of the year has finally arrived. Chef David Chang’s first book titled Momofuku has finally become available for sale. This 303-page cookbook is priced at a friendly $40 and is loaded with recipes ranging from I-think-that’s-possible to my-gawd-who-the hell-can-make-that and where-am-I-supposed-to-find-an-ingredient-called-transglutaminase. Also, for your reading pleasure the book comes fully loaded with the f-bomb. Now go buy yourself a f-ing copy!


I Heart Brunch
Duh, who doesn’t. We at Plato Putas have a soft spot for the weekend ritual of brunching with friends and the reminder that “Hey, it’s the weekend.” It also is the perfect hangover cure, not that we get many of those. I Heart Brunch is a blog dedicated to that special in-between meal. If you find yourself in NYC and haven’t a clue where to go, check out Plato Putas first and if you can’t find what you’re looking for then give this blog a go, but remember to come back since We Heart Our Plato Puta Fans!


Luke’s Lobster
I’ve been reading about this restaurant for weeks now and imagining fresh lobster rolls straight from the docks of Maine at a fraction of the cost. Is it actually possible? Well, apparently it is and Luke’s Lobster (97 E. 7th Street) offers just that. A simple, minimal large roll is only $14. Recently opened, this East Village restaurant has been gaining momentum fast. I vow to visit and sink my teeth into a soft, meaty sandwich soon and when I do, you’ll be the first ones to hear about it. But if you beat us to it, let us know what you think.

If you have any food news to share with us, be sure to drop us a line.