The Breakfast Club isn’t just the name of an ’80s movie, it’s also the name of best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever tried. It’s from Canadian burger institution Harvey’s and believe me, it was go-od! Yes, I said was. You watched them fry an egg over-easy on the griddle, top it with bright-orange processed cheese, add a couple slices of tomato, a piece or two of crispy bacon and pack it all together between a toasted bun. Oh man, it was my morning meal of choice, and it clocked in at an affordable $2.50. Then suddenly, everything changed.

Without warning, every Harvey’s I knew stopped serving breakfast. The Breakfast Club sandwich that owned my heart was no more. Years passed…

Then, a few weeks ago on my way to work, I saw a man in a suit holding a brown-paper Harvey’s bag. At 9 a.m.! This could only mean one thing; they were serving breakfast again. The next morning I went to Harvey’s in the Eaton Centre, but it was still closed. The only other downtown location I could think of is the one in Union Station, and the following day I made my pilgramage. I think I heard angels singing when I walked up and saw it was open.


Hold up. Why was my beloved Breakfast Club now $3.49, a whole dollar more than I remember? I shrugged off the increased price as some kind of accelerated inflation, as it’d been four years since my last one.

When I finally unwrapped the sandwich in front of me, I felt giddy like a schoolgirl who just met Justin Bieber. But wait a second, why was the bun so lightly toasted it was already soggy? Why was there a real cheddar cheese slice sitting atop an extremely oily egg? (Yes, there are instances when a processed slice is actually preferred.) And while I can’t believe I’m saying this, five pieces of bacon is actually too much. It was nothing more than grease-overload and my heart sank when I realized I was trying too hard to recapture my past feelings.

Harvey’s, it’s time to break up. It’s not me, it’s you.

Harvey’s / Union Station Main Floor, 65 Front St. West, Toronto
416 364 6185 / Breakfast served until 10:30am