You might know him from such films as “The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg” and “Knife Skills 101.” Chef Roger Mooking is ready to let you know what five items every person should have in their kitchen.

1) Fresh Black Peppercorns — Grind them in a mortar and pestle to add that fresh, vibrant flavour.

2) Kosher Salt — It’s not as salty as normal salt, and easier to distribute because of the larger grains, making it easier to see exactly how much you’re adding.

3) Extra-Virgin Olive Oil — Use it to finish a dish, or to lightly sauté your favourite meat, fish or vegetables.

4) Cane Sugar — You can use this instead of white, refined sugar. It’s a natural sweetener that adds a hint of that tropical flavour that Roger really loves.

5) Soy Sauce — Delicious on rice and eggs. There’s a million different types with differing levels of sodium, but according to Roger, a little bit of soy sauce can go a long way.

Roger Mooking is currently testing new recipes for Season 2 of his Food Network Canada show, Everyday Exotic. He’s a musician and the executive chef at Madras Pantry, Nyood and Kultura.