It’s no secret that the Double P’s love for food stems from our childhoods. We both come from families who hold eating in high regard; having a good meal is just as important as having a good life. For example, whenever my grandmother would call to say hi, she’d ask “What did you eat for dinner?” instead of “How are you?”

So when my parents rave about a new restaurant, it means 1) It’s good, and 2) We’ll be going for our next family outing. Serving “modern Middle Eastern” cuisine, SHoom SHoom (7355 Bayview Ave.) in Thornhill is their latest love. Mom and dad have been going on and on about the big portions, the great service and how busy it always is. Based on my first visit there, there was already a large line-up by 6:30 pm, the staff are very friendly and welcoming, and the main dishes are absolutely humongous.

We started with the restaurant’s most popular appetizer, Hummus ($4.50) with tahini, olive oil, paprika and parsley. It came to our table within three minutes of placing the order, with a generous basket of eight (!) warm, whole-wheat pitas for dipping. To quench my thirst, I tried the very tart and completely delightful Limonana Smoothie ($3.95), made with lemon and lime juice with tiny flecks of chopped up mint throughout.


All mains are served with a delicious house salad which is at least three times the size of a normal side. And this is no ordinary salad. Sure, it’s got a mix of lettuces, shredded carrots, cucumbers and grape tomatoes, but the dressing is simply divine. It’s a vinaigrette of olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a surprising hit of basil pesto mixed in. It’s so delicious they could easily bottle and sell it.

The list of mains at Shoom Shoom is also quite long. There’s fish (salmon skewers, Moroccan style baked cod, grilled whole fish) and meats (chicken shawarma, rib eye, rack of lamb and beef-tenderloin shish kebab). In addition to that salad, each main comes with your choice of sweet potato fries, rice garnished with sumac & toasted almond slivers, steamed vegetables or an even bigger large salad.


I chose the Pargiot Shish Kebob ($14.99) featuring marinated dark chicken meat with sweet potato fries. When my plate, scratch that, platter arrived, I had to move back in my seat to visually take it all in. This thing was massive! The two skewers of chicken looked equivalent to at least six chicken thighs and the meat was juicy, tender and very moist.

You know how mom never lets you leave home without leftovers? This place is just like that. Having barely made a dent in my meal, I walked away with the equivalent of two full dinners in my doggy bag. It’s just one of the many ways SHoom SHoom feels just like family.


SHoom SHoom / 7355 Bayview Ave., Toronto
905-731-8200 / Monday to Sunday 11:30-9 / Reservations recommended