I love music. I love food. So one of the best things in the world is meeting a musician who loves food. We’ve already had culinary chats with Drake and The Clipse, but chilling with Ivana Santilli — who’s as talented in the kitchen as she is onstage as a singer, songwriter and musician — is a treat in itself.

At a recent dinner party in Toronto, Ivana staged a kitchen takeover and made homemade bruschetta, guacamole and her pièce de résistence, Pappardelle with Sugo Crudo.


This is a wide pasta covered in raw tomato sauce. “Nothing is cooked, it’s really fresh,” she explains. “When you pour the blended tomatoes with the garlic, basil, parsley and olive oil on the hot pasta, it warms up the sauce. Traditionally it’s because the summers in Italy are so hot you don’t want anything overcooked, so it’s very fresh.”

One thing’s for sure, this woman can throw down in the kitchen. Ivana values simplicity, quality ingredients and has a passion for cooking. Plus, she’ll teach you about properly salting your pasta (add enough salt so it’s tasty enough to eat on its own) and extol the virtues of a properly ripened, in-season tomato. (Substituting jarred, canned or crappy hot-house tomatoes is not allowed for this recipe.)


Make your own Pappardelle with Sugo Crudo with this recipe. To make it closer to Ivana’s version, add at least half a bulb of finely chopped garlic, fresh basil, parsley and fresh chili pepper to the blanched and cored tomatoes (which can be puréed in a blender). Using pappardelle instead of spaghetti is also recommended since its width and texture make it a better type of pasta for this sauce.

Fun Fact: Ivana used to be in a group called Bass is Base with two other musicians. One of them happens to be Roger Mooking, who’s now a renowned chef and can be found elsewhere on this site. See, food and music. It’s a winning combination.