Okay, confession time. I discovered La Limonada two weeks ago and I’ve already been back four times. Staffed by people I’d vote as the friendliest on earth, this hidden nook in the south kiosk of Metro Hall is the most enjoyable place for a downtown lunch break. Escape the wretchedness of your workday by frolicking in the park with a scrumptious jerk chicken pita in one hand and one of their seven different types of lemonade in the other.


La Limonada’s Signature Lemonade and Limeade (regular $3.75, large $4.25) are hand-squeezed to order. Their Specialty Variations feature premium fresh-fruit purée and extract, and range from $4.50 to $5.25. There’s Summer Strawberry, Tropical Mango, Exotic Guava, Sweet Ginger and Lemon-Lime Angostura Bitter. I’ve tasted five of the seven variations and I can say they’re all exceptional. Some are slightly sweeter than others, but half the fun is finding which will become your personal favourite.


But it’s not all about the drinks. I’ve only tried the Original Jerk ($5.50), but judging from their menu and line-up filled with repeat customers, La Limonada’s food justifies a visit just as much as the lemonade. The chicken is well-spiced and incredibly tender. When it’s doused in chipotle mayo and wrapped in a pita with lettuce and tomato, this is one satisfying and filling lunch. There’s also their popular Sloppy Jerk (on coca bread), along with salads, rotis, sandwiches and doubles.

Hurry on down to Metro Hall park today for your own tall glass of lemonade, cause time’s running out. La Limonada’s only open until the end of October and after that lemons will just feel like, well, lemons.

La Limonada / 136-200 Wellington St. W. (south kiosk) in Metro Hall, Toronto
Open mid-April to Oct. 31 / Monday to Friday 11-5:30, call for weekend hours