It arrived with little fanfare, but Cold Stone Creamery has come to Canada! It’s on an extended test run in select Tim Hortons locations in Toronto, Halifax and Calgary, which explains the temporary banners tacked up as their sign. This is the place to fully customize your ice cream and create your own flavour. But for us Canuck newbies, ordering can be a confusing experience.

May we present to you the Do’s and Don’ts…

DO start of by picking a ice cream base (e.g. French Vanilla, Cheesecake, Cake Batter, Chocolate) then choose one — or better yet, several — mix-ins which include chocolate bars, nuts, fruits, cookies, candies or sauces.
DON’T make the same grave mistake I did and order vanilla ice cream with one boring mix-in: plain M&M’s. You’ll begrudgingly eat your pitiful selection while your friends heckle you into immense shame.

DO have the good sense to step in and steal a friend’s creation when they order better and smarter than you. This Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip Signature Creation is a good example of one worth stealing because it’s Mint Ice Cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge sauce.
DON’T turn your back while your ice cream is being made. You’ll miss seeing your ingredients combined on a frozen granite stone (and your creation might get hijacked).

DO feel free to order from Cold Stone’s 20 Signature Creations which are recommended ice cream and mix-ins that complement each other. Other examples include Apple Pie A La Cold Stone, Birthday Cake Remix and Peanut Butter Cup Perfection.
DON’T get overwhelmed by the gazillion possible combinations of ice cream and mix-ins. While it’s natural to waver on your final choice while waiting in line, when it’s clutch time you better be ready to order.


DO use the correct size names. There’s Like It (small), Love It (medium) and Gotta Have It (very large).
DON’T flub your order or complain about their Starbucks-like insistent of ridiculous size names. If you feel you must, reference comedian Aziz Ansari joke about how Cold Stone’s size names sound like “crackhead terminology” (as seen the movie Funny People and this stand-up routine).

DO tell all your Canadian friends that Cold Stone has arrived.
DON’T fight the urge to go back. There’s no point. Once you try this stone-cold crack, you definitely are going back.


Cold Stone Creamery
Toronto: 1170 Bay St. / 481 Danforth Avenue
Locations in Ontario, Alberta & Nova Scotia
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