The Double P’s visited Roberta’s Pizza back in July and left feeling disappointed. After hearing the hype about the new Bushwick pizzeria joint from both notable media sources and reliable friends, we sadly experienced mediocre food and a table directly facing the…uh, how do I say this politely…male facilities, which incited our gag reflex every time the door opened. The only positive was the upbeat, friendly service. But I was determined not to let this sway my judgment. How could a city full of raving reviews be so wrong? Last Sunday I went back for a second go and was thrilled I did. I ate the most delicious dinner and practically cried in joy when the meal was over.


Roberta’s is situated in the gentrifying industrial loft-like area of Bushwick, Brooklyn. The grounds were formally a junkyard and they’ve paid homage to the building’s history. The over-sized terrace contains a vintage Mercedes which acts as a planter. And rusted freight containers supporting an extensive vegetable garden practically surround the perimeter of the garden which means Roberta’s dishes contain fresh produce picked daily. Sustainable and delicious.


I started off with a simple salad bursting with fresh flavors. Heirloom tomatoes in a spectrum of gold, amber and scarlet nestled in a bed of creamy smoked ricotta and finally topped with basil leaves and a splash of olive oil and vinegar. So divine

Next up was the White and Green Pizza ($12, see first image). The crust was lovely with a slightly chewy texture and cooked to perfection. The melting of mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano was complimented with a generous topping of arugula whose nutty flavor was enhanced with a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil. The pizzas at Roberta’s take center stage and so does the beautiful red oven which was imported from Italy.


At this point in the meal I was so giddy with food joy and not at all ready for the meal to end, which sparked the ordering of a final dish. Crispy crostini smeared with roasted white eggplant adorned with salty anchovies and fresh parsley. Ok, so now I was officially 110% satisfied and believe me there’s nothing in the world better than giving something a second chance and having it pay off, two fold.

Roberta’s Pizza / 261 Moore Street, Brooklyn
718 417 1118 / Open Mon-Fri 12-12, Sat-Sun 11 for brunch