As a resident of Toronto, there are some food items that are — say it with me now — Le-gen-dary. The Italian sandwiches from Uno Mustachio at St. Lawrence Market South (95 Front St. E) are a local classic. They’re massive, saucy, sloppy and topped just the way you like it. The most popular choices are Veal or Eggplant ($5.75), or you can splurge for both ($6.65).


After you place your order, both sides of the bun are covered with tomato sauce then several layers of thinly sliced breaded veal and/or eggplant are added. They top it with a generous helping of cooked green peppers, onions, mushrooms and jalapeno peppers. The one unfortunate thing about this sandwich is it’s quite bland. The jalapenos don’t carry much kick and if you try any of the layers alone, they don’t taste like much. The addition of herbs to the breaded coating and tomato sauce would really add some much-needed spice and flavour depth.

While it doesn’t stack up to some of  the city’s tastier joints, Uno Mustachio is a Toronto institution. You’ll find it located on the lower level of St. Lawrence Market at the bottom of the main staircase. It always has a line and seating is limited.


Oh, and if you’ve got room for a meaty second course (unlikely, unless you split that ‘wich), head upstairs to Sausage King for a killer Peameal Bacon Sandwich.

Uno Mustachio / St. Lawrence Market South, lower level, 95 Front St. E.
416-367-VEAL (8325)

Which sandwich gets your vote — the peameal bacon or the veal? What’s your favourite place to eat in St. Lawrence Market? Leave a comment and let us know.