We’ve hit the 100th mark, which means if we were a TV show, we’d be getting syndicated and rich. Instead, we’re getting poor and fat.

It’s been six months since we launched Plato Putas. Sparked by the self-indulgent idea to document exciting meals from our travels, it turned into a regular showcase of the best (and sometimes worst) food we eat on a daily basis. We’re excited to have evolved with video demos and interviews with musicians and celebrity chefs. We’re going to continue to grow, but we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who’s gotten us here.

First off, thanks to all our loyal readers and their comments. Your words, restaurant suggestions, dining invitations and hilarious quips keep us going every day.

Thanks to the superstars who’ve granted us interviews — Mark McEwan, The Clipse, Drake, Roger Mooking, Robert Moreno, Ryan Fisher and award-winning food photographer Dominic Davies.

A big interwebs shout out (is that what the kids are saying?) to everyone who’s linked to our blog:
Taste T.O.
Offshoot Communications
The Real Frequency
Roger Mooking
Rodrigo Bascunan
Q30 Design

And finally, to everyone who makes the morsels we eat. We savour and enjoy every bite and experience. Your creations are what make food worth documenting.

We ♥ food and food ♥’s you!
Jaspal & Celine
Plato Putas