It’s never too soon to have another post dedicated to fish sandwiches. Last week it was the Toronto Mom & Pop place, The Fish Store. This weeks it’s Kim’s Aunt Kitchen cart in Manhattan and this place is the epitome of cheap eats. Where else, besides Wendy’s or McDonalds, can you purchase a fried fish sandwich for $3.50! I guess the cheap factor plays in with the use of bun, or should I say, lack of one. Choose from either pita, white or brown bread. The trailer park within me ordered a Whiting Fish Sandwich on soft, doughy white-sliced bread, topped with lettuce, tomato and extra mayo. I was shocked with the massive size of fish and not just one piece, but two! Woo-hoo!

Word to the wise: eating a fish sandwich at your desk is probably not the smartest idea. The smell lingers and there’s nothing like the waft of grease to get your cubicle mates scowling. Also, by the end of the day my face felt so greasy you could fry an egg on it. Attractive. But ask me if i’d order it again and I’d say “You bet your bottom dollar!”