Surround by the intoxicating aroma of baked bread and mountains of hot fresh bagels, I thought I died and went to carb heaven. But this wasn’t the case, I was actually standing in St. Viateur Bagels, a legendary institution in Montreal which attracts visitors from far away. They’ve been baking these top-notch rings for more than 50 years and sell more than 1,000 bagels a day! Not to mention, the location at 263 St. Viateur ouest (west) is open 24/7. That’s right, now you can cure your bagel cravings at all hours.


What makes these Montreal bagels taste so special is they’re simmered in hot honey water for four minutes which gives them their glistening sheen and sweet taste. These are much smaller than their New York counterparts but make up for size in their dense, chewy flavour.

I had the chance to chat with Robert Morena, the owner of St. Viateur, and asked him why his bagels are the best in Montreal and also the age old question, who has the better bagel, New York or Montreal? Ooooh, those are fighting words.

Can you tell me why St.Viateur Bagels are the best bagels in Montreal.
ROBERT: It’s very simple. We’ve been making bagels for over 50 years now, with only the best ingredients and lots of love and hard work into our bagels.

And do you think Montreal bagels are better than New York bagels?
ROBERT: Hands down. Hands down. New York’s been making them a long time, they’re different. The style of baking is very different. We bake ours in a wood-burning oven and we boil them in honey water. Better, worse, we love to argue about it but it’s just different in the end.


Yes, Canadians are diplomatic folk indeed, but this is one Canuck who’s not afraid to say Montreal bagels are eh-ok and beat New York bagels anyday! Let the great debate continue.