When I arrived at Harbourfront this past weekend, I noticed many people holding long, tube-like pastries. I thought it was a free sample of some sort, and followed the treat trail back to the Churros Ricos Churros stand.

A Churro is a traditional Spanish dessert that’s soft on the inside and golden crispy on the outside. After one of these, you’ll never eat a donut again. (You’ll also definitely eat more than one.) Ricos’ serves them piping hot and dusted with icing or cinnamon sugar ($1.50), glazed with chocolate syrup ($2), caramel milk or the most decadent — filled with creamy chocolate syrup ($2.50). Watch this video to watch how Churros are made.

Churros were created centuries ago by Spanish sheppards who lived high up in the mountains. Since baked goods were impossible to come by at those altitudes, they invented this cylindrical-shaped daily staple that could be cooked in a pan over an open fire. It’s a delightful pastry made of specially blended flour and everyday ingredients, then deep-fried in 100% vegetable oil. Here’s a recipe to try at home.


This is the perfect Harboufront dessert to enjoy after a cob of One Love Corn. One quick warning: Be careful when you eat these Churros because the icing sugar could end up all over your clothes. The slightest breeze or poorly angled slant towards your mouth will cover you in a ghost-white dusting.

Churros Ricos Churros is located on the western edge of the International Marketplace. With summer coming to an end, there’s only a few weekends left to try one, so head down any weekend until Sept. 7 and look out for trail of people holding the treats. It’ll lead you right to their stall.