What’s dark brown, gooey as tar and smells like a rancid can of Raid? Marmite, of course! And only the Brits could have invented such a concoction. A spreadable yeast extract sold at grocery stores across the UK, a country whose food reputation is right up there with brussel sprouts, mushy peas and blood pudding. Love it or hate it, Marmite is definitely an acquired taste.

I grew up eating the stuff for breakfast. Thick blobs slathered on buttered toast and dipped into soft boiled eggs… mmmmmmarvelous! And you’ll never guess who has recently become a new Marmite fan. How about Paddington! Hey, you know when a stuffed bear ditches his 50-year-old habit of consuming his beloved sweet marmalade for a taste of the dark side, times are a changin’. If he can do it, so can you! Go on, buy yourself a jar. Pip pip, cheerio!