I came across the strangest and most delightful sight while heading west on the subway’s Bloor-Danforth line. A man in a light blue shirt, plaid shorts and flip flops had a bag full of mysterious fruit that he was enthusiastically slurping and eating. He started asking everyone around him if they’d ever tried Passion Fruit from Africa, and confidently proclaimed it “The #1 fruit.” Then he began handing them out to whoever wanted to try one.


They were individually wrapped in plastic wrap, and purchased from St. Lawrence Market (at the corner of Front & Jarvis St.). If I hadn’t seen him eat so many out of the bag himself, I probably would have been more wary. I’d say he generously gave out over 15 of them. Mr. Passion Fruit spoke to each person (very passionately) about his favourite fruit. “It’s very sweet, incredible. You can eat hundreds of them,” he told me. We were instructed to crack it open, then eat the insides.

I waited until that evening when both Plato Putas could taste it. If we were going to perish from a free, poisonous fruit, we were going to do it together.


In retrospect, I find it strange that neither of us have ever tried one before. The look of the interior definitely surprised us, but we dug in. I’d say it’s similar to eating a pomegranate. The seeds were not sweet, but in fact very sour, which we loved. It was juicy and tangy and yep, it’s my new favourite fruit.

Was that man executing a one-person guerilla marketing campaign for passion fruit? Whoever he was, we’d like to thank the random guy and this #1, poison-free fruit!