From this moment on, cutting up an onion with your butter knife is no longer acceptable. Award-winning chef Roger Mooking invited Plato Putas into his kitchen at Nyood (1096 Queen St. W.) to demonstrate proper knife skills. Here are his three tips:

1) Make Sure Your Knife is Sharp
Test the knife by carefully running it along your fingernail. If it catches on the nail without any effort, then it’s sharp enough.

2) Get a Good Knife
Make sure the knife is comfortable when you hold it in your hand. Everybody’s hand is different so everybody will find a different knife helpful. Roger likes knives with full, intact tangs and a solid piece of steel. A good knife will last a lifetime if you treat it properly.

3) Cup Your Other Hand
For the hand that’s holding the item to be chopped, bring your fingers together to create a flat surface. The fingers should always be slightly curled under and tucked behind. Pause intermittently to pull your hand back as you chop.


In addition to being the co-owner and executive chef of Toronto hot spots Nyood and Kultura, Roger is a successful musician and the host of Food Network Canada’s Everyday Exotic. His cooking show just got picked up by Discovery Travel & Leisure channel in Asia and he’s released a CD called Soul Food. Roger is currently testing recipes for a new project he’ll be launching very soon that remixes one of our favourite Indian dishes. Check back soon for an exclusive preview and video.