One of the best spots for people watching in SoHo is on the sidewalk patio at SoHo Park, located at the corner of Prince and Lafayette. This is where Plato Putas love to grab a seat, slip on the shades and comment on passerbys. The food of choice while giggling like school girls? The Chicago Fried Zucchini Sticks ($6.50).

This ample, bottomless basket of crispy exterior, moist interior, mouth-scorching zucchini sticks comes with a side of curried mayo for your dipping pleasure. For an additional $0.75 you can order one of the many unique house made dipping sauces. Flavors include: basil mayo, smoked paprika aioli and sambal ketchup to name a few.


The two downsides to SoHo Park are the sketchy, unhygienic co-ed bathrooms and the unnecessary extreme usage of plastic. All cold beverages are served in plastic cups, complete with plastic lids and plastic straws. Even the dipping sauce for our zucchini sticks arrived at our table in an unnecessary plastic container. Why the environmental use of washable dishware is ignored is beyond us. Shame on you SoHo Park.