What better way to end the Plato Putas “Brunch Week” special than with pancakes. And not just any pancakes, try the most unusual and best-tasting pancakes we’ve eaten in a while which were served to us at Prune, a legendary American-style bistro in Manhattan’s East Village.


Ordering this dish was a last-minute decision for us, inspired by enviously watching our waiter deliver one to the table behind us. After a little rubber necking and a little drooling, we quickly placed an order and in less than ten minutes we too had the Dutch Style Pancake ($14) resting before us. Be warned, this isn’t your ordinary pancake but more like five pancakes baked into one large, fluffy, sweet delicious cake. A pool of airy sour cream and plump blueberries rest on top and this piece of heaven is lightly dusted with powdered sugar. So good! We were a little baffled by the two token pieces of Canadian bacon offered on the side.


Sometimes impulsive food ordering works out for the best and in this case we couldn’t agree more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our weekly homage to that special time on the weekend — brunch. We’d love to know which restaurants you pick as your top brunch spots. Drop us a comment and share some recommendations, your favourite dishes or some brunch insider tips.